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PL94 presents HIWWAM - SW VI ROTJ (1983) :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
Mature content
Sabrina Hook and the Crocodile :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 6 2
Buck Rogers XXVC - SDD Colonel Wilma Deering by PeachLover94 Buck Rogers XXVC - SDD Colonel Wilma Deering :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0
Whistles and Sneezes - RE-WRITTEN
The Railway Series/Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
Volume VI: Henry The Green Engine
Story III: Whistles and Sneezes
Original Story and Adaptation by
the Rev. W. V. Awdry, Britt Allcroft and David Mitton
Re-Written by
Robert D.C. Barnes III (PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:)

Days after Henry had returned from Crewe; Gordon, James and Thomas were getting crosser and crosser.
One Friday morning at the Tidmouth Sheds roundhouse just before the work day was to begin, the three engines finally lost patience.
    "Why should Henry have a new shape?!?!" he grumbled. "A shape good enough for me should be good enough for her!"
James and Thomas were equally incensed by what had transpired.
    "As if Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller giving her the special Welsh coal wasn't enough, she has the absolute gall... to get into an accident so she can go gallivanting off to Crewe - leaving us to do all of her work as well as our own, and then comes back
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0
Scrap Movie Idea Stockpile (Collection 4)
1.    Mid-Life to the Extreme - Five late middle-aged women (either divorced or widowed) who are childhood friends and longtime adrenaline junkies prove time and again to the younger generations that they still have drive and stamina even as they have just become grandmothers. Undertaking the extreme sports of surfing, cliff diving, mountain biking, snowboarding and skydiving; we follow them as they travel around the world to explore their family time, their love/sex lives, and their friendship that is both tested and made even stronger by their long favorite activities done together as friends that lead them to enroll in competitions to keep their families afloat during good and bad financial times.
2.    A Tale of Two Churches - An experienced, world-weary investigative journalist for the Houston Chronicle is dispatched to investigate a competition/war of ideology between two competing large churches in the Piney Woods of Southeast Texas on oppo
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
Vehicle Voltron II: TFOH - movie treatment
written by
Robert D.C. Barnes III (PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:)
Inspired by "Voltron: Defender of the Universe"
created for World Events Productions by
Peter Keefe, John Teichmann and Toei Animation
Based on "Armored Fleet Dairugger XV"
created for Toei Animation by
Saburo Yatsude (Kozo Morishita,
Masahisa Saeki, Keisuke Fujikawa,
and Shigemitsu Taguchi)
30 East Trillium Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77381
TREATMENT: 04-03-2018                                                                                                                             
NOTE: This proposal
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0
PL94 presents HIWWAM - SW IV ANH (1977)
Hello faithful DeviantArt artists and deviants, and welcome to what I am proud to call the first edition of How I Would Write & Make, where I or any one of you takes a piece of popular culture (a film, television series, novel, video game or whatever) and imagine an alternate perfect universe in which the piece is still successful and or influential to the culture at large, but you list 26 total differences in which the new version would differ from the original and therefore appeal to you. This week, I am tackling a major piece of popular culture that had a major influence in writing, movie-making and movie marketing at large. Yes, I am talking about George Lucas' 1977 epic Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
Where were you in 1977 when this film came out? What about the times it was re-released and gained the subtitle Episode IV - A New Hope after so much time of just being called Star Wars? At first, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (20th Centur
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
Character Profile - Captain Apollo Adama
Birth Name: Apollo Adama
Father: Commander (later Admiral) Noah Adama ♂, Commanding Officer of the Battlestar Galactica
Mother: Marine Sergeant Major Carolanne Ila Adama ♀, Commander of the Hera Company Marines (KIA - Killed In Action)
A) Lieutenant Athena Adama ♀, Viper Pilot in Blue Squadron and Relief Helmswoman for the Battlestar Galactica (Younger Twin Sister)
B) Ensign Zac Adama ♂, Viper Pilot in Blue Squadron for the Battlestar Galactica (Younger Brother) (KIA - Killed In Action)
Other Relatives:
A) Ensign Serina Adama ♀, Military Journalist turned Rookie Pilot in Blue Squadron for the Battlestar Galactica (Wife) (KIA - Killed In Action)B) Yeoman Troy Boxey Adama ♂, Commander's Ensign later Rookie Pilot in Blue Squadron for the Battlestar Galactica (Nephew)
Birth Date: Omegaber (December) 24
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0
Tillie the Little Engine That Could (Realistic) by PeachLover94 Tillie the Little Engine That Could (Realistic) :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 3 0 Buck Rogers XXVC - Princess Ardala of Draconia by PeachLover94 Buck Rogers XXVC - Princess Ardala of Draconia :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 1 SB: COTSBY - Concept Art - Maetel by PeachLover94 SB: COTSBY - Concept Art - Maetel :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 0
Gladiator Voltron II: SOTD - movie treatment
written by
Robert D.C. Barnes III (PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:)
Inspired by "Voltron: Defender of the Universe"
created for World Events Productions by
Peter Keefe, John Teichmann and Toei Animation
Based on "Lightspeed Electroid Albegas"
created for Toei Animation by
Saburo Yatsude (Kozo Morishita,
Akiyoshi Sakai, Shozo Uehara,
Hiroshi Okawa and Toyohiro Ando)
30 East Trillium Circle
The Woodlands, TX 77381
TREATMENT: 03-17-2018                                                                                                                             
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 0
SB: COTSBY - Concept Art - Emeraldas by PeachLover94 SB: COTSBY - Concept Art - Emeraldas :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 1 0 Gladiator Voltron I concept movie poster by PeachLover94 Gladiator Voltron I concept movie poster :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0 MKP RHPS Meme by PeachLover94
Mature content
MKP RHPS Meme :iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 2 1
Character Profile - Lieutenant Athena Adama
Birth Name: Athena Adama
Father: Commander (later Admiral) Noah Adama ♂, Commanding Officer of the Battlestar Galactica
Mother: Marine Sergeant Major Carolanne Ila Adama ♀, Commander of the Hera Company Marines (KIA - Killed In Action)
A) Captain Apollo Adama ♂, Commander Air Group of Blue Squadron for the Battlestar Galactica (Older Twin Brother)
B) Ensign Zac Adama ♂, Rookie Pilot in Blue Squadron for the Battlestar Galactica (Younger Brother) (KIA - Killed In Action)
Other Relatives:
A) Ensign Serina Adama ♀, Military Journalist turned Rookie Pilot in Blue Squadron for the Battlestar Galactica (Sister-in-Law) (KIA - Killed In Action)B) Yeoman Troy Boxey Adama ♂, Commander's Ensign later Rookie Pilot in Blue Squadron for the Battlestar Galactica (Nephew)
Birth Date: Omegaber (December) 25th, 6942 C.E. (Colonial Age)
Hometown: Caprica City,
:iconpeachlover94:PeachLover94 0 0


Pauline - Paladin Armour by KatLime Pauline - Paladin Armour :iconkatlime:KatLime 12 0 Rosalina - Paladin Armour by KatLime Rosalina - Paladin Armour :iconkatlime:KatLime 15 0 Daisy - Paladin Armour by KatLime Daisy - Paladin Armour :iconkatlime:KatLime 12 0 Peach - Paladin Armour by KatLime Peach - Paladin Armour :iconkatlime:KatLime 16 9 Pauline - Colonel Tigh by KatLime Pauline - Colonel Tigh :iconkatlime:KatLime 9 0 Rosalina - Commander Adama by KatLime Rosalina - Commander Adama :iconkatlime:KatLime 12 0 Peach - Starbuck (Ceremonial Uniform) by KatLime Peach - Starbuck (Ceremonial Uniform) :iconkatlime:KatLime 12 0 Hush Puppy Flying Away by elberto333 Hush Puppy Flying Away :iconelberto333:elberto333 5 3
FCC has voted but we still have a chance!
December 14, 2017 was the day that the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality. In the end, it was a 3-2 vote to repeal.
Many people were ashamed of this decision. This not only includes the citizens but officials too. Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Mignon Clyburn did their part to defend Net Neutrality through their speeches. Sad to say they were the only two to defend free internet.
However, this is not the end. This still has to go to Congress. Which means we still have a chance.
Make sure you contact your officials to support Net Neutrality. Many states are already prepared to sue the FCC as well as officials. Do your part into making sure your representatives will support Net Neutrality. Congress has listened to us before, make sure they do again.
Call Congress:
Text RESIST to:
Text BATTLE to:
Spread the word about this bill:
:iconpeach110:Peach110 6 8
BooBusters by Dreekzilla BooBusters :icondreekzilla:Dreekzilla 53 21 I. N. M. M.   Ghostbusters 2 by sexypuerto I. N. M. M. Ghostbusters 2 :iconsexypuerto:sexypuerto 12 9 Ghostbusters MKD The Team by Undertakoshi Ghostbusters MKD The Team :iconundertakoshi:Undertakoshi 10 2 The Mario Gang as Ghostbusters by tr3forever The Mario Gang as Ghostbusters :icontr3forever:tr3forever 70 5 Peach - Luke Skywalker by KatLime Peach - Luke Skywalker :iconkatlime:KatLime 14 10 Daisy - Apollo by KatLime Daisy - Apollo :iconkatlime:KatLime 12 0 Rosalina - James T. Kirk by KatLime Rosalina - James T. Kirk :iconkatlime:KatLime 13 0


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Hello faithful DeviantArt artists and deviants, and welcome to another interesting edition of How I Would Write & Make, where I or any one of you takes a piece of popular culture (a film, television series, novel, video game or whatever) and imagine an alternate perfect universe in which the piece is still successful and or influential to the culture at large, but you list 26 total differences in which the new version would differ from the original and therefore appeal to you. This week, I am tackling the second sequel and the finale of the first trilogy about a galaxy far, far away. Yes, I am talking about George Lucas and Richard Marquand's 1983 epic space opera Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.

Where were you in 1983 when this film came out? What about the times you watched Return of the Jedi before the Special Editions in 1997 and onward while Star Trek took over in science fiction movies? At first, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation (20th Century Fox) distributed it, but with the sale of Lucasfilm and future Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies to Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Walt Disney Pictures) in 2012, there was always the tiny feeling that Star Wars was sort of a Disney film waiting to become a Disney film. Lucas himself said Disney might have wanted to make the film if Walt Disney himself were still alive in the 1970s, saying that Walt had vision and was not averse to risks.

In this edition, we are going to take a look at an alternate universe in which Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi has a similar path in terms of development as well as certain author appeal elements that will make it enjoyable and hopefully others are eager to indulge in this and other concepts that would certainly change up the basic story but not too drastically. Reflecting how Disney owns Star Wars now yet and how Fox distributed then, this universe would have Disney and Fox both distributing this film on a $45,000,000.00 budget while pushing the boundaries of PG ratings close to R. Fox would have North American distribution rights while Disney would have international distribution rights.

    1)  First off, the film would open with the 1985 Walt Disney Pictures logo before fading to black and hearing the 1953 Fox Fanfare with the CinemaScope extension by Alfred Newman over the contemporary Fox logo to see the Lucasfilm logo over the final extension of the fanfare so that it blends almost seamlessly into John Williams' brilliant score. The beginning of the film would play similarly to the version in our universe with the blue on black words "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." leading into the opening crawl with "Star Wars" and "Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" anticipating the verbatim worded opening crawl from the original version that will lead off into us tilting down to Endor orbit.

    2) We would then see Darth Vader's shuttle arriving from the Executor at the Death Star II to put the mighty battle station's construction back on schedule. He tells young Imperial Moffs Tiaan Jerjerrod and the Force-sensitive Sate Pestage - the commanders of the Death Star II - that Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious himself is coming to oversee the final stages of the construction. It is clear from the outset that Pestage is a lightsaber wielding Force user with plans to supplant Vader as Palpatine's apprentice. Vader goes to his meditation chamber and beckons for his son Luke Skywalker to join him on the Dark Side. Together, they can overthrow and destroy the Emperor and bring true peace to all.

    3) Like with the film in our universe, C-3PO and R2-D2 would have set off for Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine with a message and "gift" for Jabba and arrive. Unlike the completed film, the message R2 would show to Jabba would be of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa - both proclaiming themselves as Jedi Knights - and offering a bargain for the life of Han Solo while Leia states that her previous offer of valuable protection from the Empire by the Rebellion still stands. Curious about it and eager to test the young Jedis' mettle, Jabba refuses to exchange Solo back - for now, at least. The musical numbers played in the palace would be "Lapti Nek" (1983) followed by "Jedi Rocks" (1997 onward).

    4) It is during the musical numbers when we see Boba Fett is there flirting with some of Jabba's slave girls with the intention of someday freeing them, while Winter Retrac and Lando Calrissian have planted themselves in Jabba's palace disguised as guards. After watching poor Oola be fed to the ravenous Rancor pit monster, a bounty hunter named Boushh (Princess Leia in disguise) arrives carrying a bound Chewbacca with him/her - demanding 50,000 credits and no less for the Wookiee. 3PO begs and pleads for Boushh to take 35,000 to which the bounty hunter agrees. As Chewbacca is led away to the dungeons, he only hopes Luke and Leia's plan will be able to work in time to save Han's life.

    5) That night, Boushh frees Han from his carbonite block imprisonment while everyone is asleep - taking great care to not wake anybody up as the bounty hunter rests Han against a rock. Boushh removes the helmet to reveal the bounty hunter as Leia who has come to rescue him and that she and Luke will come back for Winter, Lando, Chewbacca and the droids. But like in the film, Jabba has heard everything and the curtains pull back to show his entourage has them surrounded. Jabba tells Han that even though the payment Han gave him was generous enough, the war has been bad for his business and that Han is a loose end he must tie up in order to keep his business out of the galaxy's war.

    6) Leia goes willingly over to Jabba after Han is taken to the dungeons and reunited with Chewbacca who explains all. She tells Jabba she can offer something better than a threat if Han and Chewbacca are let go - which leads her to strip completely nude from head to toe as she allows Jabba to give her oral sex from behind in a graphic, explicit and lurid scene. The next morning, Luke arrives at the palace to find Leia has become Jabba's new slave dancer - which unlike the film, the slave girl outfit does not have the bracelets, boots or cloth skirts around the panties so that it is an actual bikini swimsuit. Eager to test the young Jedi's mettle, Jabba taunts Luke with him bouncing Jedi Mind Tricks off.

    7) With that, Luke uses the Force to summon Leia and a blaster to his hands as a terrified Jabba drops them and a Gamorrean guard into the pit to be fed to the Rancor. Luke and Leia use cunning and resourcefulness to get the Rancor in the right position to fell it, but comfort the Rancor's keeper after they have killed it. The Keeper thanks them for giving it - just a baby one - a quick and merciful death that it would not have if it was to fight a giant Krayt dragon. Jabba orders Han, Chewbacca and Luke to be terminated at the Pit of Carkoon in the Sarlaac's belly as Lando goes with them. Winter, 3PO and Leia go with Jabba's entourage on the Sail Barge where R2 waits to carry out Luke and Leia's plan.

    8) On the journey out to the Pit, Luke and Han would have their conversation while Leia and Winter have a concentration about news of the Rebellion massing at Sullust in a month. Leia tells Winter that she and Luke and have taken care of everything. Like with the film, the Skirmish of Carkoon would happen with the exception of Boba Fett not falling into the Sarlaac Pit but sent flying until he crashes in the Dune Sea nearby. One Leia finishes strangling Jabba to death, she summons the confiscated Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber to cut her collar and join Winter and Luke in fighting off Jabba's forces before swinging with Winter over to the skiff where our heroes recover the droids and destroy Jabba's sail barge.

    9) After that, Winter would join Han, Lando and Chewbacca back on the Millennium Falcon to head for the Rebel fleet at Sullust while Luke and R2 in their X-Wing and Leia and 3PO in their Y-Wing would make a return trip to Dagobah - having a promise to keep to "an old friend" Yoda. The Emperor would arrive and Pestage would imply to him that Vader's interest in Luke has clouded his judgment, but Palpatine is still intrigued by the prospects of turning Luke to the Dark Side of the Force. Back on Dagobah, 3PO and R2 are keeping watch over their friends' ships as Luke and Leia comfort a dying Yoda who confirms that Vader is Luke's father and tells them there is another Skywalker as he dies.

    10) Luke and Leia are despondent until the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi comes by to explain everything and why he kept the truth from the two of them. He tells them he would have told them had Yoda allowed him to. After hearing the history of Anakin Skywalker and his wife Padmé Amidala and how the Emperor drew Anakin to the Dark Side to become Vader with the promise of saving Padmé, Luke realizes that the good he sensed in Vader is still powerful. He asks Obi-Wan to have faith in him, until Obi-Wan tells them that the other hope - the other Skywalker - Yoda spoke of is Luke's twin sister. Now knowing that she is Luke's sister and Vader's daughter, Obi-Wan admonishes them to tread carefully.

    11) Arriving back at the Rebel fleet, Luke and Leia decrypt stolen Imperial intelligence that says the Death Star is operational and that the majority of the Imperial fleet is setting a trap for them all. Luke and Leia are about to explain everything when R2 and 3PO reveal that they had recorded their conversations with Yoda and Obi-Wan on Dagobah - and that the Rebel Alliance is willing to take a chance on Luke being able to bring Vader back to being Anakin Skywalker if it means the Empire can be defeated again. Winter tells Leia that she saw the good in Vader as well during the destruction of Alderaan as he considered the late Senator Bail Organa an old friend. Wedge Antilles has a surprise for Luke.

    12) During the Rebels' liberation and occupation of Bespin, Wedge recovered Luke's old blue lightsaber - the one of his own father Anakin Skywalker, found banging around Cloud City while removing the severed hand as best they could. Since he had made a new green lightsaber modeled after Obi-Wan Kenobi's, Luke gives his father's lightsaber to Leia who is honored to do so. Luke and Leia join Han, Chewbacca, 3PO and R2 as the command crew for the stolen Imperial shuttle Tydirium to take the strike team to the Forest Moon of Endor where they will rally the native Ewok and Yuzzum peoples to bring down the shield generator protecting the Death Star so they can start the attack on its reactor.

    13) Before leaving for Endor, Han and Chewbacca trust Lando and his Sullustian friend Nien Nunb with the Millennium Falcon while Luke and Leia trust Wedge and Winter with their X-Wing and Y-Wing to lead the fighter attack. The journey to and landing on Endor would proceed much like the film and culminating with the speeder bike chase through the forest. Luke and Leia get separated, and Leia is found by a young Ewok named Wicket W. Warrick (Warwick Davis). She shows him her lightsaber and tells him she is a Jedi, who Wicket believes to be accompanying a "Golden Man" to rally the Ewok and Yuzzum peoples against a great evil. They escape and head back to Wicket's home of Bright Tree Village.

    14) Luke, Han, Chewbacca, 3PO and R2 would go in search of Leia; but are caught by a Yuzzum snare trap and are only rescued by a young Ewok named Princess Kneesaa who discovers 3PO. Seeing Luke with her tells Kneesaa that their "Golden Man" - C-3PO and his two Jedi Knight protectors have come. She calls a summit of the Ewok and Yuzzum peoples to meet with Ewok Chief Chirpa back at Bright Tree Village with her leading our heroes and the Rebel strike team back to the village. The Ewoks and Yuzzum are trilingual this time around, speaking their native tongues while also fluent in and understanding Galactic Basic Standard (English) and Shyriiwook (the Wookiees' native tongue language).

    15) The prophecy of the Forest Moon goes that "In a time of great darkness, a Golden Man will come flanked by two protectors. One would wield blue and the other green. Together and with the great magic called the Force, they would lead the Ewok and Yuzzum peoples to victory over a great peril threatening them all." That peril is the Death Star II and the Galactic Empire's presence on the Forest Moon. Leia wields a blue lightsaber and Luke wields a green lightsaber, and C-3PO's metal casing is gold in color - so the prophecy is true. Believing himself to be a danger to the group and the mission there, Luke says goodbye to Leia and Han as he heads off into the woods to turn himself over to Vader.

    16) Like in the film, Luke is brought to Vader and they have their conversation on the landing platform - but Vader removes Luke's binders as they converse. Inner dialogues are also present as they probe each other's thoughts, and it is here that Luke learns Vader hates himself more than anything for killing Luke's mother Padmé who he loved dearly - and therefore lost faith in himself. Luke will not give up, as he is taken by Vader to the Death Star where Luke outwits the Emperor by saying the Rebellion knows of the Empire's trap and is about to spring their own. Luke retains a confident and collected atmosphere of hope for the Alliance while the Emperor remains confident in the Rebels' fall.

    17) Unlike the film, the Rebel fleet comes out of hyperspace and immediately makes for the Imperial fleet to put it between them and the Death Star's operational superlaser. The Emperor proves willing to fire on his own fleet if it means getting a clean shot at the Rebels, and he destroys the Star Destroyers Devastator and Tyranny along with the Rebel Cruiser Liberty. Meanwhile, the Rebel cruisers Home One (Ackbar's command), Independence (Rieekan's command), Endeavor (Mon Mothma's command) and Viscount (Madine's command) push the attack on the Executor as Han and Leia have rallied the Ewoks and Yuzzum against the Empire, with Leia coming into her own to wield lightsabers only.

    18) The fight between Luke and Vader aboard the Death Star remains unchanged for the most part until the end of it. As the two lightsaber combatants probe each other's minds, Luke feels sorrow for Vader's anguish until Vader learns of Leia being Luke's sister and therefore his daughter. Luke loses control for a bit as he presses the attack, but is snapped back by the Emperor's crowing and goading him before he can slice his father's hand off. He deactivates his lightsaber and remains defiant of the Emperor even as the shield is brought down from the surface of Endor. Lando, Wedge and Winter head down to pick up Han, Leia and the others to head to the Death Star to rescue Luke if they at all can.

    19) During the battle, the Executor is pushed into the Death Star's gravity well when a repentant Boba Fett joins the battle midway and dies ramming Slave I into the bridge of the Executor causing it to crash onto the superlaser and take it offline. Enraged by this turn of events, the Emperor tries to electrocute Luke to death but Luke is saved by Vader becoming Anakin Skywalker again and dueling the Emperor. The battle is soon joined as the Millennium Falcon and the Rebel command cruisers dock aboard the Death Star and start shooting up the place. Anakin rushes his son to his friends and family and begs Leia to get Luke away from there, but Leia refuses to abandon her brother or father again.

    20) During the entrance of the heroes into the Emperor's throne room; Chewbacca, Wicket, Kneesaa, 3PO and R2 hold the Emperor's guards off just long enough for Anakin to use his Vader lightsaber to redirect the Emperor's lightning onto the guards - killing the Emperor's most trusted Kir Kanos. Apoplectic and unleashed, the Emperor merges himself with the battle station. In the commotion of Luke, Anakin and Leia leading the Rebel forces in taking the Death Star's secondary defenses off line, Pestage tries to flee to an airlock but is pursued by Anakin. Seemingly having the once Vader at his mercy, Anakin ducks down for Han to shoot Pestage through the heart and they eject him into space.

    21) Luke and Leia meet up with Han and Anakin and say that the Death Star is turning to face Endor - the superlaser might be coming back online due to the Emperor merging with the station. Anakin orders Ackbar, Madine and all the Rebels to evacuate the station as quickly as possible. R2 is once again Luke's astromech for the X-Wing, and 3PO is Leia's gunner for the Y-Wing. Wedge and Winter take up the gunports of the Falcon with Chewbacca, Nien Nunb, Wicket and Kneesaa as extra crew for Han and Lando. As Anakin leads them in his Advanced TIE Fighter through the superstructure to the reactor, our heroes are having some quality time together even if being chased by the TIE fighters.

    22) Cutting through a tunnel a little too tight, both Han and Lando knock the Falcon's sensor dish off and free into the bowels of the battle station. They soon make their way to the Death Star's main reactor as Leia and Luke shoot out the reactor's north tower power regulator so to bring down its energy shields. Anakin apologizes to Padmé and opens his fighter's hatch and uses the Force to throw his red Vader lightsaber at the Emperor's visage killing the Emperor as Han and Lando in the Falcon open fire shooting out the reactor. Retrieving his lightsaber turned blue, Anakin and our heroes are soon chased out of the collapsing and exploding reactor with a lone TIE Interceptor chasing them back out.

    23) Ackbar orders the fleet to move away from the Death Star as Luke's X-Wing and Leia's Y-Wing are the first to emerge. The fireball of the super-heated reactor gas catches the pursuing TIE Interceptor, forcing the Falcon and Anakin to compensate as they emerge from the flames with whoops of joy as they escape the exploding superstructure tunnels behind them at last. The Death Star explodes behind them as the fleet rockets towards the surface of Endor to mop up the Imperials there. Luke and Leia ask Han and Lando where their father is, and Lando sights Anakin's TIE Fighter spinning out of control and crashing towards Lake Marudi near the Bright Tree Village as they speed to the crash area.

    24) Emerging from his crashed TIE Fighter in Lake Marudi, Anakin stumbles and collapses against a tree near the beach head as Luke and Leia rush to their father's side. His life support suit fried, Anakin asks Luke and Leia to remove his Vader mask and helmet so he can see his twin children with his own eyes. With a loving and reassuring smile, Anakin tells his children to leave him - and tells Luke he is thankful for still believing in him after all this time. Luke and his mother Padmé were a lot alike, Anakin says with his loving arms around them as he dies in the arms of his children. Winter, Lando and 3PO help Luke carry Vader's empty armor to a clearing where they start building a large funeral pyre.

    25) Happy that the Empire's back has ultimately been broken but sad that her father had to give his life to make it happen, Leia is comforted by Han stripping his and her clothes off as they engage in a graphic and tender love scene. Wicket and Kneesaa sound horns of victory across the Forest Moon over the rest of the day. That night, a teary-eyed Luke gives a Jedi's funeral pyre for what is left of Darth Vader's armor. For yet a third time, he has been orphaned with the murders of his Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru and Obi-Wan; and now his father has died too - causing him to break down. He is only comforted by the Force Ghosts of his father Anakin and mother Padmé who tell they will always be there for him.

    26) Like with the 2004 version; we would see scenes of planets like Bespin, Tatooine, Naboo and Coruscant celebrating the fall of the Empire at Endor and its continuing fall. On Coruscant, fugitive Jedi would be leading revolts against Imperial Security to take back the old Jedi Temple and reclaim it from being the Imperial Palace. Back on Endor, Luke has finished burning his father as he hugs his sister Leia; his friends Han, Winter, Lando, Chewbacca and Wedge as the Ewok celebration (with the 1997 music) as the New Republic. As the celebration continues on, the Force Ghosts of Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Yoda, Anakin, Padmé, Jar Jar and Qui-Gon appear showing Luke and Leia that the Force will be with them.

And that's another edition of How I Would Write & Make for Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983). It does not stray too far from the source material, but gives just enough to make it feel fresher and more innovative in my opinion. We still have Terri Nunn as Winter, Leia's handmaiden played by Terri Nunn, as well as an explanation for where the Skywalker lightsaber is found in my HIWW&M The Force Awakens. The potential for this version to pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test (with the Anita Sarkeesian addendum) before the term "Bechdel test" would even be coined might make this version even more of a success with more people over the many decade Star Wars would become popular.

I also wanted the scenes of Jabba's Palace to be more explicit and let the film have an R rating; and the Empire fighting the Ewoks and Yuzzum on Endor to have much more explicit undertones of diverse good guys fighting the KKK-resembling Stormtroopers - since Lucas wrote Star Wars in the 70s during Watergate and the Vietnam War. This is just an Alternate Universe that I have proposed which is fun to imagine if things turned out differently. But as TV Tropes gleefully points out, Your Mileage May Vary on this - so let me know what your opinions on this idea would be and feel free to make a How I Would Write & Make entry with any works of popular culture you can think of, like this one!

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The sound of metal clashing filled the cavern.

Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, valiantly crossed blades with Captain Sabrina Hook atop a high cliff.

Hook was a pretty young woman with a silver hook for a hand, wearing a long red coat over a pink shirt and red trousers, and with long black hair.

Peter Pan had cut her hand off long ago, and she obsessively sought revenge on him ever since.

Although she always acted like a normal attractive woman, Hook was actually quite mean and ruthless, willing to go to any underhanded lengths to get what she wanted.

Peter Pan, protector of Neverland, was keen on foiling her plans, which led them to this showdown in the interior of Skull Rock, a cavernous landmark in the middle of the ocean.

As Hook swung her sword at Peter, who parried with his dagger, the battle was watched by two spectators.

Wendy Darling, Peter's plucky friend from England, was sitting atop a high ledge, hidden from sight by shadows.

She whistled in amazement as the weapons were slung, only to cheer raucously for Peter every once in a while.

Smee, Hook's incompetent first mate, stood by his rowboat, cheering his captain on. "Give it to him, Cap'n! Cleave him to the brisket!"

Hook was trying her best to do just that, but Peter kept dodging her attacks and taunting her.

Flying behind her after one missed blow, the mischievous Peter pulled on her hair and threw it all over her eyes, blinding her.

This was only momentary, as the furious girl lifted it back up and slammed her sword down on Peter's dagger so hard that Peter almost fell to the ground.

Peter began backing away from Hook, who continued stepping forward, her blade still touching Peter's.

She smirked triumphantly and smugly declared "I've got you this time, Pan!" 

Suddenly, Peter smiled and pulled his dagger back, opting instead to point downward.

Hook looked at him curiously and then glanced down, seeing only water... and then she gasped in horror as it hit her that she had walked right off the cliff and was now standing in mid-air!

And while Peter Pan could fly, Hook could not!

Screaming, Hook began to fall, her sword dropping from her hand as she did.

Flailing in the air madly, the villainous girl just barely managed to plunge her hook forward and embed it into the rock of the very top of the cliff.

Sabrina Hook now used her namesake to hang on for dear life, several dozen feet above the water.

Peter flew back on top of the cliff and sheathed his dagger, knowing the battle to be won.

Was it time to have some fun at his enemy's expense?

"Well, this is just great!" he clicked his tongue in disappointment as he looked down upon Hook, "A codfish on a hook!"

Hearing this, Hook shot a furious glare up at Peter.

She felt so frustrated and humiliated that tears began to fall from her black eyes as she shook her fist and yelled "I'll get you for this, Pan! If it's the last thing I do!"

Suddenly, the silent cave began to be filled with a new sound. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Peter's face broke into a grimace.

He put a hand to his ear and asked "Oh dear, Captain... do you hear something?"

"No!" Hook muttered, sotto voce.

She heard the sound, all right, and it filled her with terror.

There was only one thing in Neverland that could be making that sound: Tick Tock the Crocodile of Neverland.

This giant beast was always on the lookout for food, and his swallowing of an alarm clock was how he received his signature ticking.

Peter had thrown Hook's hand to the Crocodile after cutting it off, and the beast had liked the taste of it so much that he followed Hook ever since in hopes of getting the leftovers.

Glancing downward at the water, Hook repeated "No!" and began shaking all over.

A pair of reptilian eyes were sticking out of the water and coming closer, the tick-tock sound growing louder as they did.

Then finally, the Crocodile's whole head burst out into view.

The Crocodile smiled in pure delight at the sight of Hook dangling and wiggling above him like bait.

And then, without delay, he jumped up out of the water and straight at Hook, his jaws opening wide.



The Crocodile bit down on the end of Hook's coat, and with a ripping noise, it was torn clean off.

There was a splash as the Crocodile landed back down in the water, the red coat-tails in his jaws.

With a satisfied smile, the Crocodile began chewing the fabric, loudly smacking his lips and looking back up at Hook as he did.

Finally the beast swallowed the clothing, making a large gulping sound as it travelled down his throat, and licked his chops in pleasure at the taste left behind by the girl who wore it.

It was just like he'd felt after eating her hand: she was delicious!

"Could it be?” Peter nervously called out from atop the cliff, "Does the Crocodile like codfish?"

The Crocodile's smile widened upon hearing this and his tail actually began to wag as he began excitedly nodding his head in response.

"He does?" Peter replied, stepping backward and lifting a foot in the air, almost as if to nervously deliver a good kick to the hook embedded in the rock before him.

From her spot on the ledge, Wendy's shook her head and clicked her tongue with disappointment.

"Peter, I wouldn’t if I were you!" she muttered in warning and disapproval.

This was definitely not how one was supposed to treat a lady, even an evil one!

Hook, meanwhile, had managed to kick her legs through the air until her feet touched the cliff-side and she desperately attempted to climb up.

But before she could make it, the Crocodile then jumped up for another bite.


This time the beast's jaws clamped down upon the seat of Hook's pants and as he went down, so did they.

The pants stopped sliding at Hook's feet, the Crocodile now hanging from them in mid-air, and the girl's white and blue lace hi-cut panties were exposed.

Wendy stuck her fingers in her mouth and let out a wolf whistle before doubling off with laughter.

Blushing bright red, Hook reached down with her free hand and attempted to pull her pants back up.

This was a grave mistake, as the strain made by her body performing this action shook the rock she was holding on to.

It began to quiver and then broke loose from the cliff altogether.

With nothing holding her in place, Hook plummeted like a stone, screaming all the way down.

The Crocodile immediately opened his jaws up wide and the girl fell right into his awaiting mouth.


The reptile's jaws closed and his head disappeared beneath the water with a splash.

All was quiet for a few seconds.

And then another splash occurred as the Crocodile's head reemerged.

Hook was still in his mouth, hair disheveled and most of her clothing in tatters, and was holding his jaws apart with her hands.

Her coat was now just a small ring of fabric covering her hook hand wrist, and her pink shirt was just a small ring of fabric just below her now exposed breasts with rosy pink nipples and above her exposed belly button.

Lifting her head up, the girl screamed as hard as she could: "SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

Smee was already scrambling to his rowboat.

"D-don't worry, Cap'n! Stay right there now, ma’am!" he stammered, "I'll save you, ma’am!"

Hook managed to get a foothold in on the ends of each of the Crocodile's jaws, so she was able to climb up.

Now her pants and the panties underneath had been shredded enough to cover her forward genitals like a jockstrap - which left her bare buttocks exposed for all to see.

She stretched her long legs out to prevent the Crocodile from closing his jaws on her, as he was currently trying to do.

The Croc's tongue curled outward towards the front of Hook’s pants, coming up through the top front and ripped the left side until they fell down to her right ankle.

Soon, the beast's strength won out and he snapped his jaws shut, but Hook managed to stay standing.

The Crocodile repeated the motion, hoping to make Hook lose her footing.


As she was being endlessly scissored by the snapping jaws of the Crocodile, Hook put her hands around her mouth and called out to her henchman once more. "SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE! SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

But Smee's clumsiness was delaying him, as he had a hard time getting into the boat, and then he almost began rowing while leaving the actual oars behind!

Hook's feet couldn't hold out and she lost her footing.

The villainess found herself in the Crocodile's mouth again.

Frantically, she pressed her hands up on his top jaw as it attempted to close down on her, pushing it upward instead.

As she did, Hook attempted to step out of the reptile's maw.

The Crocodile couldn't help but grin at this, for he admired this girl's pluck.

He got a good lick of his tongue over the unlucky captain’s bare breasts.

This wasn't going to stop him though, and he slammed his top jaw down right on Hook's foot.


Hook yelped in pain as her feet slid right out of her boots and socks while shooting upward into the air, clutching her bare feet in hopes of soothing the soreness.

And then she fell, upside-down, right into the hungry Crocodile's mouth yet again.

Luckily, her stretched-out bare legs and feet prevented her from being swallowed.

At this point, Smee had finally begun rowing his boat furiously to come to his colleague's aid.

Hook, still upside down and even more of her clothes and her panties torn off - utterly nude now, attempted to push herself up and out of the Croc's mouth with her arms.

But the Crocodile, finding this annoying, raised his tail and slapped his slapped his prey right on her bare perineum with it.

The impact of this flung Hook out and into the air, arms flailing wildly.

The Crocodile jumped after her, snapping his jaws at her as he did.


There was a splash, and then both beast and girl resurfaced right next to Smee's rowboat.

Hook's eyes then widened in shock as she realized that her pubic region was now right on top of the Crocodile's erect phallus which had discharged up her birth canal.

The Crocodile had engaged in the act of intercourse with her, and he gave her a wide, devious smile.

"C-cap'n! Cap'n!" Smee shouted as he saw his completely naked captain pass.

"SMEE! SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" the frightened Hook cried as she jumped to her bare feet and ran off the Crocodile's crotch, across it's scaly body, and then made a jump for the boat as she came to the tail.

Smee threw out his arms, hoping to catch his leader when she landed.

Then suddenly, the Crocodile popped up from the water and pushed the rowboat back with his claw.

He opened up his mouth and Hook ended up landing in it.


The beast's jaws closed triumphantly.

But just as he was beginning to enjoy his tasty treat, Smee lifted his oar over his head and yelled "Give her back!"

He slammed the oar downward... and just then, Hook pried the croc's jaws open and screamed "SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"


The oar hit Hook right on the head, and the force of the blow sent both her and the Crocodile down to the bottom of the ocean.

Shrugging off the cranial injury and the deflowering ordeal which left her completely nude, Hook swam back up to the surface and jumped onto the boat.

Seeing this, Smee immediately began rowing backward, toward a small opening that served as an exit from the cave.

"Row for the ship!" Hook shouted at her henchman. "Row for the sh-!"


Hook had been standing up in the boat, and so as it passed through the opening, she instead hit the cavern wall and fell with a splash back into the water.

The Crocodile was delighted to see this perfect opportunity to get his meal, and he quickly began swimming toward Hook.

The villainess lifted her head up above the water.

Her thick, wet hair was covering her face, so she parted it with her hands in order to see.

To her horror, what she saw was the Crocodile coming right at her!

"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!!" she shrieked, and immediately swam to the opening.

But just as she reached it, a wave swelled up under her and she ended up hitting the wall once again.

The Crocodile made a jump for the evil girl, and ended up slamming right into her bare rump so hard that the cavern wall broke apart.

Now on the other side, Hook began swimming for her life, screaming and calling after her minion up ahead. "SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

The Crocodile was hot on her heels, swimming and snapping his jaws hungrily.

As she swam, Hook heard what sounded like a rooster's crow punctuated by some near-hyperventilating panting.

She knew it was Peter Pan, celebrating his victory... and her defeat.

"I'll kill him for this! I swear it!" the villainess fumed.



Sabrina Hook and the Crocodile
Featured character is Sabrina Hook by MsHook :iconmshook:, a Rule 63 version Captain Hook from Disney's Peter Pan.

Preview Artwork is Tick Tock Plays With Miss Hook Part 1 (REQUESTED) by DragnusArtWork :icondragnusartwork:. Check his pieces out!

Story Inspiration found from these GIFS provided by malphasbcs :iconmalphasbcs::
    3.… -> Full Version can be found at malphasbcs' Tumblr and Patreon.

Tick-Tock the Crocodile ®, ™ and © The Walt Disney Company via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.
Captain Hook and Peter Pan ®, ™ and © The J.M. Barrie Estate and The Walt Disney Company via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Inspired by the Stories of TickTockCroc :iconticktockcroc:Ticktockk :iconticktockk: and OtherTickTock :iconotherticktock:.
Buck Rogers XXVC - SDD Colonel Wilma Deering
Who remembers this brave and beautiful warrior from the 1979 television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? Yes, again I have gone into HeroMachine 3 to recreate Buck Rogers' primary sidekick/love interest who would give Star Wars' Princess Leia a run for her credits. Here we have Wilma Deering, the Colonel of the Thunder-class Starfighter Corps who are the spearheads of the United Solar Commonwealth (USC)'s Solar Defense Directorate (SDD). In the original 1929-1965 newspaper comic strip Buck Rogers, Wilma Deering was simply the damsel in distress/sidekick of the hero Buck Rogers had to sometimes rescue and join with to protect the Earth from intergalactic threats. In the 1979 television series, Wilma was upgraded to an action girl with Buck becoming more of her sidekick.

For this piece, I have designed her look for my potential Buck Rogers in the 25th Century movie trilogy as something along the lines of if Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were not related to begin with and had a baby. Like the original comics, she would be working with Doctor Elias Huer who would be a leader in the United Solar Commonwealth's efforts to protect the Earth and its allies in space from the forces of evil like Killer Kane's Consortium of the Morning Star and the Draconian Empire. In my series, Wilma will once again be a Starfighter pilot who has trouble adjusting to Buck's presence in the future and some of his 20th century jokes, attitudes and references. But with her prowess in Electro-Sword fighting and laser pistol marksmanship, she is by far a force to be reckoned with.

But Wilma will have her lighter and more tender moments. Even though she is first a soldier willing to put her life on the line at the drop of a hat if it means the Earth and her allies can be protected, she hopes to find a true love and lasso that proverbial 'happily ever after'. She will develop a keen interest in which later blossoms into full romance with the man from the 20th/21st Century known as USAF (United States Air Force) Captain William Anthony Lucas "Buck" Rogers and develop a grudging respect for her competitor in Princess Ardala Valmar of the Draconian Empire. Once again, my fetish for caped, sword-wielding space heroines has reared its head and put out something. I modeled the uniform Wilma is wearing on what appeared in the 1979 series while giving her a 2001-style helmet.

Buck Rogers ®, ™ and © Philip Francis Nowlan and Dick Calkins, published by the Dille Family Trust of John F. Dille Company 1928+.
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ®, ™ and © Glen A. Larson and Leslie Stevens, produced and distributed by Glen A. Larson Productions, Leisure Concepts (4Licensing Corporation), Universal Television and NBCUniversal Television Distribution 1979+.

Character Design created by yours truly, PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:.

Created with HeroMachine 3 © AFD Studios, LLC and Jeff Hebert.
The Railway Series/Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends

Volume VI: Henry The Green Engine

Story III: Whistles and Sneezes

Original Story and Adaptation by

the Rev. W. V. Awdry, Britt Allcroft and David Mitton

Re-Written by

Robert D.C. Barnes III (PeachLover94 :iconpeachlover94:)

Days after Henry had returned from Crewe; Gordon, James and Thomas were getting crosser and crosser.

One Friday morning at the Tidmouth Sheds roundhouse just before the work day was to begin, the three engines finally lost patience.

    "Why should Henry have a new shape?!?!" he grumbled. "A shape good enough for me should be good enough for her!"

James and Thomas were equally incensed by what had transpired.

    "As if Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller giving her the special Welsh coal wasn't enough, she has the absolute gall... to get into an accident so she can go gallivanting off to Crewe - leaving us to do all of her work as well as our own, and then comes back able to do circles around us while saying how happier she is and how much more work she is able to put in!" the two snapped.

    "This special treatment Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller has been giving her is disgraceful and unfair!" continued Gordon.

Henry, who was in a nearby berth, simply snorted.

This was not the first time the three engines had been jealous or indignant about her coming home.

    "And there's another thing!" Gordon went on. "Henry! Whistles! Too! Much! No respectable engine ever whistles loudly at stations. It isn't wrong, but we just don't do it!"

Poor Henry didn't feel happy anymore.

She had not expected this great a level of vitriol surrounding her return home.

A tear came to her eye, for she wondered if the other engines even wanted to be her friends again after all the trouble she had had.

    "Never mind, Henry." whispered Percy, who was in her berth next to Henry's. "I'm glad you're home again. I like your whistling!"

At that moment, the turntable was ready for Gordon to head out for the coach yard to collect his morning express.

As he did so, he called out "Goodbye Henry. We're glad to have you with us again, but you must remember the grievances we hold!"

Later that day, Henry stopped with her eastbound local passenger train of three red and cream bogie express coaches between Tidmouth and Vicarstown at Wellsworth - Edward's Station.

Edward was already there on the westbound line when Henry came up and stopped the train at the platform.

Henry was feeling a little better, for she had not seen Thomas, Gordon or James since that morning at the sheds.

    "Hello, Henry." said Edward. "You look splendid. I was pleased and my boiler bubbling with heartwarming to hear your happy whistle yesterday after having come home after so long."

    "Awww, thank you Edward." smiled Henry, bashfully as she blushed.

Just then, they heard a loud, long and high-pitched whistle coming from the other side of Gordon's Hill.

    "Shh! Can you hear something, Edward?" asked Henry.

    "Hmm, it sounds like Gordon." said Edward. "And it ought to be Gordon. But Gordon never whistles like that!"

It was Gordon!

He came rushing down the hill at a tremendous rate with his westbound Wild Nor' Wester express train of three green and cream bogie express coaches clattering and chattering behind him.

He didn't look at Henry and he didn't look at Edward.

He screamed straight through the station and disappeared into the distance.

    "Well well well!" said Edward in amazement. "I guess the tire's on the other wheel now, isn't it Henry?"

    "It isn't wrong," chuckled Henry, "but we just don't do it! Isn't karma a wonderful thing, Edward?"

Then she told Edward what Gordon, Thomas and James had said that morning at the roundhouse.

Meanwhile, Gordon screeched along the line towards the big station at Tidmouth.

The noise was awful!

Once arriving at Tidmouth Station, everyone covered their ears.

Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller covered his ears too.

    "TAKE HIM AWAY!" he bellowed over the loud whistling, trying to be heard. "AND STOP THAT NOISE!"

Gordon puffed sadly away to the out of use siding, but he wouldn't stop listening until two fitters climbed up and knocked his whistle valve in place.

That night, Gordon slunk into the roundhouse shed.

He was glad it was empty.

Then Thomas and James arrived followed by Henry and Percy.

    "It isn't wrong," murmured Henry, to no one in particular, "but we just don't do it!"

Thomas and James were now fed up!

    "As if karma wasn't merciless enough for forcing us to listen to your whistling, Henry; some boys seem to have the gumption to drop stones from overpass bridges down our funnels for the fun of it!" snapped Thomas and James one after the other.

Henry was shocked at the thought of such an occurrence happening, and vowed to get to the bottom of it if it would get her back in the good graces of her friends.

The next morning was Saturday, and Henry was enjoying herself enormously as she pulled her late morning westbound local passenger train again towards the big station.

    "I feel so well! I feel so well!" she sang.

    "Trickety-trock! Trickety-trock!" hummed her coaches.

Then she saw some boys on a road bridge above the line.

    "PEEP PEEP! Hello!" she whistled as she passed under the bridge.


    "Aoh!" she called as a passenger in the middle coach had pulled the emergency cord.

The boys didn't wave or take her number.

These were the boys who thought it fun to drop stones on her and down her funnel instead!

Some of the stones hit Henry's boiler and ruined her paint.

One of them even hit the fireman on the back of the head while he was shoveling coal.

    "They've broken our glass! They've broken our glass!" cried the coaches in clear agony.

The passengers and conductor/guard weren't hurt, but they were cross as they helped see to the fireman's injured head.

    "Call the police!"

    "No!" said Henry's engineer/driver. "Leave it to Henry and me. We'll teach those tykes a lesson!"

    "What will you do?!" they asked.

    "Can you keep a secret?"

    "Yes! Yes!"

    "Well, then," said the engineer/driver. "Henry is going to sneeze at the boys!"

Henry loved the sound of that, sniggering quietly to herself, as she set off again back for the big station stopping at every station along the way in gleeful anticipation.

But by the time Henry had been turned around for the first eastbound local passenger train of the afternoon, her smokebox felt tighter and she felt like she had to sneeze as she steamed into Knapford Station.

Lots of people were waiting at Knapford - the station just before the bridge.

They wanted to see what would happen.

    "Henry has plenty of ashes." said her engineer/driver. "Please keep all windows shut until we've passed the bridge. Henry's as excited as we are! Aren't you, old girl?"

Henry felt more stuffed up in the smokebox that excited, for she couldn't hold the ashes in for too long as they set off again.

Soon they could see the boys and they all had stones.

    "Are you ready, Henry?" said her engineer/driver. "Sneeze hard when I tell you. ... Now!" he said.

    "Eeehh-Eeerh-Eee-Aaah-CHOO!!" sneezed Henry as her smokebox ejected the ashes right up the side of the bridge, leaving the boys' faces black as soot.

    "Well done, Henry!" laughed her engineer/driver.

Later that evening, Henry went home hoping that next time she would see Gordon, Thomas, James or the boys; they would have learned not to be so mean to her ever again - or she would again teach them a good lesson with a whistle and a sneeze.
65,000,000 Years Ago - The Zaar Empire of the Akronians reigns supreme as the ultimate power in the Milky Way (once called the Olympus Galaxy, now the Near Universe), Hyperion (once called the Whirlpool Galaxy and NGC 5194, now the Middle Universe) and Denubian (once called the Diamond Galaxy and NGC 7610, now the Far Universe) Galaxies. The Akronian Zaars are a lavender skinned, red eyed humanoid race with a civilization versed in magic/sorcery as well as advanced science/technology that is a horrifying love child of the Roman Empire and Nazi Germany. King Drolmacht Dolmen I and his young general Kropper Kloppen rule over these galaxies and worlds with the fist of tyranny.

    A) Fed up with the persecution of the innocent worlds and their inhabitants; the goddesses Arcadia, Rhea and Denubia rally together to lead the charge in building up a massive underground resistance. Scrounging up whatever technology they could, they build a primitive sort of shield and laser defense turret network to push back the Zaar Blood Knights and take back their worlds. Hoping to stifle the rebellion, King Drolmacht fires a giant asteroid twenty kilometers in diameter at light speed towards one of the rebelling worlds. Testing their new wormhole generator, the rebellion flings the asteroid towards our galaxy toward the third planet in the Terran Solar System - Earth; killing the dinosaurs.

    B) The gods and goddesses of our Universe rally in support of the Rebellion spearheaded by Arcadia, Rhea and Denubia. With Earth being a small, out-of-the-way, backwater planet; it is mostly spared from the ravages of the war between the Rebellion and the Empire. A few stray asteroids, meteors and debris fragments flung through wormholes towards the Solar System manage to hit Earth, but most do not bring about extinction events like the one Drolmacht threw at the Rebellion. Advancing their science and technology levels while recovering magic and sorcery texts and paraphernalia, the Rebellion grows in power as they start jacking Imperial fleets and reverse engineering them for study.

    C) In the bloody Battle of Apophis - the first major battle of the Intergalactic Civil War; Arcadia, Rhea and Denubia charge with thousands of rebels against the largest base of the Zaars in the space between the Olympus, Whirlpool and Diamond galaxies. General Kropper and his Blood Knights fight back with all their might, leaving over hundreds of rebels slaughtered on the salt flats that day. In the end, however, the Rebellion pushes the Zaar Empire back and out of the Apophis system. Gaining control of the planet with access to the vast orbital shipyards and space stations, the Rebellion begins production of fleets of warships to push back against the mighty Imperial war machine of skull ships and tanks.

32,500,000 Years Ago - The Intergalactic Civil War between the Rebellion and the Zaar Empire has slowly started to become a war of attrition that sees neither side making significant long term gains against the other. King Drolmacht VII has ordered Project Daltanious to be put into action in hopes of crushing the Rebellion and bringing the galaxies under the Zaars' dominion once again. The Daltanious Project would see the creation of three giant mechanical fighting machines which would combine to form a giant humanoid fighting robot - Atlas a sentient humanoid robot, Beralios the intelligent robot lion, and the giant fighter starship vehicle Gunper would combine together as one giant machine of power.

    A) These first three robeasts would form a mighty weapon of unthinkable power and mass destruction called Voltron. But the Zaars would need to hurry in order to bring Voltron online and lay waste to the Rebellion's fleets and armies forever - for the once proud Zaar Empire of the Akronians (recalling the Galactic Empire of Star Wars) had also been developing and using weapons and powers related to nuclear, biological and chemical energy. The fallout of these would someday begin to mutate the Zaars from humanoid form into a rather vulnerable and primitive parasite de-evolution (recalling the devolution of the Kaled race into the Daleks of Doctor Who) which hastened their completion of Voltron.

    B) Hearing of the creation of Voltron, the gods and goddesses of the Universe send their best legion of espionage operatives to steal, if not outright destroy the mighty robot before it can be used for evil. When a few are captured and brought before the new King Drolmacht VII and General Kropper V, they try to warn the Empire that even they might not be able to control the monstrosity the Zaars will create if it and its components turns against their creators. Voltron comes online, and as soon as it sees the Rebellion operatives willing to die so that others may live in peace and freedom, a fatal error occurs - one that will ultimately spell disaster for the Zaar Empire of the Akronians' plans of domination.

    C) In the words of King Drolmacht Dolmen VII, their Voltron develops a "twisted and uncouth sense of justice" that was anathema and a dire threat to the Zaars. Having come online, a just born Voltron states that the ideal universe should be one of "freedom, independence, to feel, to question and to resist oppression in all forms". Desperate to bring their creation back under control, Drolmacht tries to re-corrupt Voltron with visions of absolute power to do whatever it wants and that its ideal universe is the one of "weaklings and spineless cowards" not fit to evolve and later inherit any power for themselves. Refusing to fight for evil and cruelty, Voltron escapes with the Rebellion spies to fight for justice.

1,000,000 Years Ago - Over the final millennia of the Intergalactic Civil War, Voltron and the Rebellion soon begins to overcome the stalemate that the struggle had been as a war of attrition on both sides. With the perfection of hyperskip (Faster-Than-Light space jump travel), Voltron and Rebel forces can enter a planetary system in need of protection from the Empire. Staying over the course of half a century, they will build up a system's planetary defense networks, armies, air and space fleets until they will be able to hold off a major attack by the entire Imperial war machine. Soon, only a few dozen worlds in any of the galaxies will remain steadfastly loyal to the Zaar Empire and King Drolmacht XIII.

    A) Doing research on a captured Zaar soldier and an eventual mutated Zaar parasite, the Rebellion desperately tries to find a process that will reverse the de-evolution process and save the Zaars before it is too late for any peace in the Universe. Some of the research is then able to decipher another source of this deadly mutation process - the addiction to the vast inter-dimensional energy known to them as Quintessence which is used in laser weaponry and antimatter bombs when mixed with vast quantities of the mineral hexamite. It is the level of Quintessence radiation that is mutating the Akronian Zaars. The Rebellion scientists scurry to develop an antidote in order to bring peace to the galaxies.

    B) Harnessing the abilities Voltron is equipped with; Arcadia, Rhea and Denubia pilot the mighty robot with quantities of the antidote to use on an encroaching army of Zaar Blood Knights in the Battle of Typhon. Stunning the Zaar army, the antidote is delivered into one of the Blood Knights - General Teles I. The antidote removes the tumors from the body that would begin to devolve the humanoid Zaars into the mutated Zaar parasites. With his mind cleared and his eyes opening up to the cruelty and tyranny that the Akronian Zaars rule with for millions of years, Teles rallies the Blood Knights that have been saved by Voltron and the Rebellion to begin a march on the Typhon castle of King Drolmacht.

    C) General Teles and his Blood Knight army arrives at the Grand Zaar Castle of Typhon where Drolmacht and General Kropper XI have taken up positions with Voltron seemingly as their prisoner. Once the High Command finishes congratulating Teles on his success, Teles soon turns on his masters and tells them he and his army outnumber them all and that Voltron has been delivered to Drolmacht and Kropper as a reluctant executioner. Enraged but not surprised by this betrayal, Drolmacht unleashes his latest magitechnological creations - the robotic dragons of Dracotron which slaughter dozens of Blood Knights to protect Drolmacht. Voltron and Teles' army barely escape with their lives off Typhon.

7,000 BC - Voltron, the Rebellion, and some splinter factions of the Zaar Empire who are freed from Drolmacht and Kropper, continue their long struggle as the ultimate battle of the Intergalactic Civil War draws nearer. Over the course of the Battle of Akron, many fleets of starfighers and space battleships are lost and armies of tanks and soldiers are decimated by Robeasts. One of those Robeasts is King Drolmacht piloting a self-modeled Robeast against his earlier creation turned archenemy Voltron. Escaping to his private star fortress in space, one mighty final battle between Robeast and Voltron ensues with Voltron's pilots Arcadia, Rhea and Denubia fighting alongside the Rebellion forces on the front lines.

    A) Voltron was designed to be invincible and with powers that exceeded those of the Universe's gods and goddesses combined, but even the mighty robot is barely enough against the power of a fully Quintessence-infused Drolmacht Robeast. Just as Voltron strikes the definite blow against the wicked king, Drolmacht chants and then screams out his mightiest curse in order to destroy his own creation. Swept off its feet and overcome by the deafening power, Voltron splits up into its component beings - Atlas, Beralios and Gunper - as they are flung out of the star fortress to fall towards the planet below. What happens to them next will shock the remaining Zaars and the Rebellion for centuries to come.

    B) Gunper is split into fifteen starfighter vehicles - five based on future Earth aircraft which combine to form Kurugger the Strato Fighter, five based on future Earth land vehicles which combine to form Rikurugger the Turbo Terrain Fighter, and five based on future Earth watercraft which combine to form Kairugger the Aqua Fighter. Together they form the mighty robot Dairugger XV (XV pronounced fifteen) - later known as Vehicle Voltron. The mortified Zaars and the confused then thankful Rebellion see that even though the first Voltron was defeated, it is able to regenerate and split itself up. But they know each of the Voltrons that follow will only be a fraction as powerful as the original Ancestral Voltron.

    C) Arcadia sees to Dairugger XV as it rises to prepare for another attack on Drolmacht when they see Beralios falling and then splitting into five pilotable robot lions - the Black Lion of Sky, the Red Lion of Fire, the Yellow Lion of Earth, the Blue Lion of Water, and the Green Lion of Forest. With Red as Right Arm and Hand; Blue as Right Leg and Foot; Yellow as Left Leg and Foot; Green as Left Arm and Hand; and Black as Body, Wings and Head, the five formed GoLion - later known as Lion Voltron. They rush over to Atlas who is regenerating and splitting up into three pilotable humanoid robot gladiators - the Black Gladiator of Wisdom, the Blue Gladiator of Courage, and the Red Gladiator of Compassion.

6,999 BC - The final year of the Intergalactic Civil War draws to a close as a badly crippled King Drolmacht Dolmen XIII creates an entire army of Quintessence-infused clones of himself fused with self-modeled Robeasts to try and finish off the Rebellion. He discovers that his own design, Voltron, survived his attempt to destroy it but was likewise crippled. The Black, Blue and Red Gladiators that were once part of Atlas come together to form Albegas - later known as Gladiator Voltron. Dairugger XV, Albegas and GoLion prove to be formidable foes of the Zaars and their Robeasts, but they are each only a third as powerful as their progenitor the Ancestral Voltron in fighting off the forces of their creators.

    A) Before the three Voltrons (Dairugger XV, Albegas and GoLion) storm his last underground stronghold on Apophis, Drolmacht XIII orders half of his Quintessence-infused clone army with General Kropper Kloppen XIII launched into space aboard sperm-shaped space arks which serve as sleeper ships to travel to compatible worlds where their mutated forms will be able to infiltrate, survive and later reestablish contact across the stars with each other. Activating their Blazing Swords and summoning Quintessence Void projectors, the three Voltrons tear a rift in Apophis small enough to banish the surviving loyal Akronian Zaars and King Drolmacht into another dimension which they cannot escape.

    B) In a last ditch effort to secure a potential future victory and escape, Drolmacht summons Dracotron to battle the three Voltrons and then destroy them forever. Trusting in the guidance and wisdom of Arcadia, Rhea and Denubia; Dairugger XV, Albegas and GoLion charge up their weapons with their Quintessence Void projectors to cast the five dragons of Dracotron into the Mirror Dimension from which few, if any, can ever escape. With the fall of the Zaar Empire of the Akronians assured for now, the Rebellion and the Voltrons go off to help the worlds of the galaxies heal themselves from the ravages of war and tyranny. In this time, the Voltrons become known as the "Defenders of the Universe."

    C) Over the course of their journeys across the stars away from the prying and vigilant eyes of the Rebellion-allied worlds, the Zaar space arks make their way to a few backwater planets in the Olympus, Whirlpool and Diamond galaxies. They each land in Quintessence-strong areas of the planets Galveston, Deram and Galra where the mutated Zaar parasites scout out for Quintessence pools to incubate and find eventual hosts to parasite off of to reestablish their rule. Traveling across the uncharted badlands in their armored humanoid shells (again recalling the Daleks) to these pools, they lay their nanoscopic ova in the pools to await hosts swimming and drinking to make their move against Voltron.


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Some of my art has revolved around Peach and the rest of the Mario gang, but I have shared other interests as well. I will be putting up some of my other art as well to showcase various interests, but I hope to later become a Video Game Developer, a Film/TV Director, a Manga Artist/Writer, and or a Voice Actor later in life.

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